The Distillery

Destilerías Plà has a history of 125 years full of passion for a daily craftsmanship that has remained intact over the years.

Ran the 1870s when Jose Pla and his partner Miguel Esteban opened a distillery in the heart of Valencia, specifically on Calle Doctor Romagosa. The company was one of many industry which opened in late SXIX in Valencia.

In 1890 the ways of the partners separated and José Pla instead of returning to his native Xativa, sought a location with good communications to found a new distillery. The town was Puçol and the same year opened the doors Distilleries Pà, anisette factory, liqueurs and syrups as given on its facade.

Jose Pla was responsible for laying the groundwork for the growth of the company. Europe did bring books that would use formulas to create the spirits that still marketed, acquired American oak barrels Tomolloso that still lie the most famous concoctions of the company and established relationships with customers who still remain their loyalty.

1890 and hands of Jose Pla, Uncle Pepe Pla as he was known in Puçol, born the most famous products of the distillery and have given fame throughout Spain.

-Brandy Vell
-Brandy Inmejorable
-Licor de Café Plà

Those early years gave way from the 50s and 60s to the moments of maximum splendor. From the hand of Rafael Mateu, the son-in-law of Uncle Pepe Pla, Distillery exponentially multiplied their products, their customers, their employees and their reputation. Liquor out of the barrels as varied as orange, egg, mint, chocolate … and more commonly used as the Geneva Imperial. These were years of experimentation and prosperity.

That was the golden age of the company, which years later would face an increasingly competitive and globalized market. The emergence of the big brands and big distribution centers Distillery forced to adapt to the new situation by reducing the number of references and increasing the production of those spirits that made them unique and could not find anywhere else like Brandy Vell, the Mistela Moscatel Superior, coffee liqueur or Temperante. Those years were basic customers, loyal customers that the distillery has maintained from the start. They did not let themselves be dazzled by the great almighty loyal to brands and products made with the greatest care in the company of the Plà family.

At present Distilleries Pla already adapted to the global market lives another period of expansion with the opening of the online store that has enabled it to expand its borders and sell worldwide.

7 setembre, the relationship with Puçol

Although Uncle Pepe Pla was originally from Xativa, with the town of Puçol and its inhabitants he established a deep relationship that continues today. Puçol became his home and found a place where family and grow your business. And from the beginning Uncle Pepe Pla paid homage to this town for all that the Pla family had given him.

Each September 7 since 1890, the festive La Mare de Deu al Peu de Creu or what is the same, the festive Major Puçol Parties are received by the heirs of Uncle Pepe. About 12:00 pm Distillery doors open for them, their families and all residents who want to come at lunch with traditional Plà products.

Tradition, lunch, cant d’albaes and very good company in a celebration marked in red on the calendar of the municipality.

  • Entrada de los festeros en Destilerías Plà
    Entrada de los festeros a lomo de sus caballos en las instalaciones de la Destilería.

But Distilleries Pla products are not only present in this festival, which are all held in the city. Fallas, bullfights, markets, sports competitions … the Distillery is part of all the popular celebrations and always try to put their two cents.