Dry Anise 45º “Cassalla” 1L

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With 45 ° anise is the second highest ranking prepared by the company.

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It is produced for 125 years with the same recipe invented Uncle Pepe Pla and using the still to the distillate that is still preserved intact since the construction of the company and traditional “llavoretes” (in Valencian) which are the secret of his unique flavor. With 45 is the second highest ranking prepared by the company.

Popularly it is known cazalla because it was in Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla) where it was first made in Spain as we know it today. But the introduction in Iberia came from the hands of the Arabs and Spain is one of the largest consumer and producer of anise although not the only one. Beverages derived from “Pimpinella anisum” (scientific name) plant exist throughout the Mediterranean basin. In France (with its anisette), Italy (Sambuca), Greece and Turkey in addition to Latin American countries like Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela. In Distilleries Pla manufacture it from our birth in different rankings.

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