Moscatel Superior Grand Reserve 15º 0,70L

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Each liquor born in Destilerías Plà  has a very personal story and Moscatel Superior Grand Reserve, the best sweet wine of Valencia, is perhaps one of the most special.


At the end of SXIX and early SXX in the region of l’Horta Nord and around there were two major farms. The first still remains today in our landscape was orange. The other grapes. Distilleries acquired most of the production of muscat grapes to produce a liquor popularly calling mistela achieved by mixing grape and alcohol.

When the orange crop definitely replaced the grape in the 50s of last century, the distillery ceased to develop mistela as raw material was not so available. In forgetting the old facilities that the company engaged in the development of mistela then they dropped those barrels containing the broth that had not aged enough years.

These facilities stopped working and 50 years later sold. In the transfer of the material that had been there and buried in a mountain of dust you were old barrels containing that liquor mistela forgotten.

The third generation of familt Plà, Jose Mateu from astonishment to have found the treasure without being aware of its size, he opened the tap of the barrel to see the birth of the Moscatel Superior Grand Reserve, the best Mistela of Valencia. More than 50 years in oak barrels and subjected to time in exceptional conditions had conferred on that mistela a flavor.

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