Jorge Julián,

Usually people tend to be very marquista, so I encourage you to try the Plà products. After 20 years as customers Distillery I think it is a different product, made with love and where quality. I always advise my clients Distilleries Plà liquors and who test repeated.

Federico Bravo,

Appoint all products but I’m staying with two. The Temperance that is unique and especially Brandy Vell. It is one of the best in the market. I have been acquiring it over 25 years ago when the distillery was owned by José Mateu Plà. It has a peculiar taste and aroma.

Rafael Pitarch,

I love the Plà products, namely rum, it is special. I like and therefore always offer the customers of the restaurant to try them. We’re 25 years working with Plà and their products work very well


Brandy Vell, so traditional is a great unknown of Valencia. At great personal character and aromatic intensity, it is perfect to share in good company and a good Havana cigar